To convert one of our favourite comedians’ cult status into the hot show of Edinburgh Festival 2011.


We love long term relationships with artists and companies, and we have been working to support Adam’s work since his early days as a playwright in 2005. With a great show, we felt Edinburgh 2011 was going to be his year. We believed however that the strategy must be focused on long term sustainability, rather than the quick hype that Edinburgh Fringe indulges in. We wanted him to be remembered as the talk of the festival in subsequent months, and have the coverage at the beginning as well as the end, rather than be over-hyped and over too soon.  


Five star reviews on Chortle and the Scotsman launched the show in early August, and he ended the month by winning the Foster’s Comedy Award. The Daily Telegraph ran a front page flash asking “Is This The Funniest Man in Edinburgh?”, linking to its five star review inside The Times ran a similar interview feature asking “is this the funniest man at the Fringe?”. London also got word of Adam’s success via the Evening Standard. Influential tweeters like David Mitchell (400K followers) and Jimmy Carr (over 1 million) came to see the show and word of mouth built around the exciting discovery of an “underground” hit.  Happily, Adam was nominated for the Fosters Award for Comedy as the hot favourite and thanked Dan Pursey in his acceptance speech: “I’m still not sure what he does...”